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There is no doubt that coconuts are fast rising in popularity. And, the products from it, like pure coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut sugar, have so many benefits for everyone. They are good for the health and when stranded in an island, ala survivor, human beings can practically survive if there is a coconut tree and a drupe around.

How amazing can these island coconuts get? Well, really, truly amazing.

The coconut palm trees grows throughout the tropics and subtropics. This was discovered by Portuguese sailors way back 16th century. They were the ones who gave it the name, COCONUT. They named it, Coco because they thought the three holes in the shell resembled the human face. Coco means grinning face or grimace. The word ‘nut’ was added in English later on.

The trees can grow up to 30 meters long. It contains high levels of water which can be a refreshing drink. It is now used as a sports drink because it contains good levels or sugars, fibers and proteins. Research shows it can be a substitute for blood plasma. It is said that coconut water was used for emergency transfusions in tropical regions during the Second World War.

Coconut milk, something we truly love, is different from Coconut Water. It has high fat content, but low in sugars. We love it for cooking—adding it in curry dishes, soups or desserts.

The Coconut Meat can be eaten directly or it can be used fresh or dried for cooking. It has high amounts of Manganese, Potassium and Copper. Copra is the dried coconut meat. This can be processed to produce coconut oil which is used in cooking, in soaps, cosmetics and others.

We mentioned earlier that if ever we get stranded in an island, we can still survive if there are coconut palm trees around since it is a great food source, and the leaves and trunk? Well, the leaves can be made into brooms, woven to make baskets or mats, or used as thatch for roofing, and the wood from trunk was traditionally used to build foot bridges, houses, huts and boats.

Coconuts have it all, and we are more than happy to share the goodness it has for us and our health.