Make Your New Year Fitness Resolution Stick!

By | November 5, 2016
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Key to Your Best Year Ever!

It’s amazing how things many regard as trivial and unnecessary can have utterly drastic effects on us humans.  An army of fitness buffs, for instance, fill gyms to the brim by January to fulfill their Fitness Resolution for the New Year, the same promise they’ve made for themselves – and broken habitually for years.  However, many of these same people do not realize how radically they’d be better off with a minor change in their existence: constant drops of unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil seeping into their everyday.

Lining Up to Bench Press

Many workaholic Americans who are fairly preoccupied with tons and tons of work find the merits of fitness largely appealing but still backslide on their desire to get a fitter version of themselves. And you may have just to look in the mirror to know it’s true.

In case you haven’t noticed, gyms pack the most crowd at the start of the year. If there was a month where you’ll most likely have to line up to get your fair share of the bench press it’s January

Nevertheless, reality bites as 80 percent of those who get themselves latched on a gym enrolment in January bail out in as little as five months, statistics reveal.

The picture is even grimmer for women as guys tend to hang onto their gym membership longer than the ladies.

A Paradigm Shift Knocking at Your World

The good news is that all the physical inactivity isn’t the major drag many pundits paint it to be.

A 2012 study into controlled trials involving hundreds of men and women revealed that dietary changes effectively lowered total cholesterol, LDL including; on the other hand, exercise alone had virtually no effect on either, Harvard Health detail.

As astounding as the study is, such an eye-opener should get you looking at the merits of organic extra virgin coconut oil above all else. It’s true fruits and vegetables incorporated in your diet will have a positive effect on your over-all health but all the benefits the oil from the Cocos Nucifera tree put on the table may be hard to equal – much more surpass.

The Helping Hand You Desperately Need

First stop, coconut oil of the virgin kind may be in the best position to give you a healthier heart. As it contains plenty of antioxidants, organic extra virgin coconut oil help reduce oxidative stress, a primary culprit in the development of plaque in the arteries. Uncontrolled, plaque can lead to stiff blood vessels and high blood pressure.

To date, heart disease claims one in every 4 deaths (i.e. a total of 610,000) yearly in the U.S.A.

Secondly, the organic oil from coconut can be your best tool in putting all those unwanted flabs disfiguring your tummy reined in. When you take in the oil, you let in MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), an effective catalyst to speed up the burning of calories in your body.

But it gets even better. The antifungal, antibacterial characteristic of organic extra virgin coconut oil is perfect in healing wounds and repairing skin damages (e.g., scars).

Now if you think it’s a mouthful, know that the list could go on and on for superfood coconut oil.

Truly, when it comes to health, you may renege on your promise to be faithful to your gym membership from time to time and still come out unscathed and disease-free. But it’s hard to say the same when you forget making the most of organic extra virgin coconut oil for your everyday cooking.

And yes, did we forget to mention cooking with organic extra virgin coconut oil means you’re opting to have one health treat that can be as mouth-watering as can be?



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