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Health and wellness is everything. That is why we focus on producing articles that cover food, mindfulness, and health. If you think you are an expert in these topics, we’d love to collaborate with you! Here are some things to take into account when submitting an article for us.

  • Your article should be unique to Island Coco Recipes. We’ll reject articles that have already been published on other websites or your personal blog.
  • When stating health claims, be sure to give proper credit to your sources. Use hyperlinks.
  • Keep your word count within 500 to 1000 words. Highlight important points using bullet points and headings.
  • Keep paragraphs short and sweet. Avoid the use of flowery words.
  • Include a short author bio with links pointing to your personal blog or social media profiles.
  • We don’t pay guest post contributions.
  • Attach photos relevant to your article as well as a headshot.
  • Send articles to catherine.marqueses@gmail.com.